Verkoop & Desinvesteringen

Verkoop & Desinvesteringen

Wij kunnen U bijstaan bij de verkoop van de onderneming of onderdelen zoals fabrieken, machines, inventaris en andere operationele activa. Op elk moment in de lifecycle van een onderneming kunnen we dit verzorgen, inclusief verkoop van overtollige activa of activa welke niet meer binnen de bedrijfsvoering passen.

Met meer dan 130 jaar gecombineerde ervaring is het team van European Valuations ervan overtuigd dat wij bij verkoop en/of desinvestering oplossingen kunnen bieden tegen een competatieve kostenstructuur met uitzicht op maximale opbrengsten.

Large industrial unit with trucks & vans


Private Treaty & Private Tender

Retails Disposals & Workouts

Disposals Experience

European Valuations has more than 130 years’ of combined experience across the world of selling a wide variety of assets and providing consultancy advice to corporations, lenders and advisers at any stage of the life cycle of a business, whether healthy or distressed and where they may have surplus, obsolete or redundant inventory, machinery or business assets and where cash is needed quickly.


Our experienced auctions team has a depth and breadth of knowledge to be able to manage and construct both on-line and live auctions supported by specialist marketing strategies which are unique to each auction process.

Our database of potential purchasers ensures our auctions are marketed globally which guarantees that the potential market value for the assets is maximised and costs kept to a minimum.


Private Treaty

In some circumstances a private treaty sale is a better and more cost effective solution, in which case we can market those assets to relevant and potential buyers across the globe to achieve the best outcome.

We have an extensive database of purchasers who we can contact quickly and efficiently whilst maximising the cash value of the assets and minimising cost and the publicity of the sale.

Retail Disposals & Workout

Our retail disposition strategies assist our clients to achieve the best outcome through an agreed, structured and controlled plan. We have been successful in maximising returns and minimising unnecessary costs by implementing our strategies, which will consider on-going trading in store and on line and where applicable the best way to protect and maximise a brand.

Our strategies can also include but are not limited to:

  • Valuing & disposing of the Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings (FF&F).
  • Managing the staff and all aspects relating to store closures.

  • Multiyork sofa showroom

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